Tiaan du Plessis

Some projects I've worked on

I try and work in the open as much as possible, but unfortunately I can't put everything on GitHub. 🤷‍♂️

Lesson Desk (March 2016 to current) #

Lesson Desk is the largest e-learning platform in Africa, designed to train employees in a fun, digital and interactive format. I've been very actively involved in the development of the Lesson Desk platform since the end of 2016. The platform has grown far larger than I could've ever imagined.

DigsConnect (June 2019 to August 2019) #

Africa’s largest Student Accommodation platform. DigsConnect connects students with accommodation providers and with other students looking for accommodation. Here I was part of a two person team alongside Pedre Viljoen tasked with the development of a new version of the web app. The intention was to migrate from the old Django website that uses jQuery to a new React SPA. In retrospect, I'm very proud of how we got everything done with such a tight deadline.